How To Save On Baggage Fees

Whether we fly often or once in a while, we never like to pay added fees.

As more fees are added to our tickets, now it seems it’s a regular practice to also have to pay baggage fees. And if you travel with a lot of baggage, the fees can be significant.

So what can you do to save cash when traveling?

Here are my Top 5 Tips for saving on your baggage fees:

Baggage Savings Tip #1 – Don’t fly on airlines who give you a cheaper price, then sock you with high baggage fees. If you’re traveling with 2, 3 or even 4 bags, your fees can really start to add up quickly. Which can erase the savings on your tickets.

Baggage Savings Tip #2 – Give your business to the airlines who still give free baggage. Southwest still gives you 2 free checked bags. JetBlue gives 1 free checked bag.

Baggage Savings Tip #3 – Weigh your bags before you leave home. If you have a 50 pound limit on a free bag before you have to pay additional charges, it would be frustrating for you to get to the airport, find out your bag weighs 55 pounds, then have to unpack and scramble to fit stuff in your other bags. Or have to pull out your wallet and pay.

Baggage Savings Tip #4 – Look at your baggage and what you bring with you. You can save on additional weight charges by traveling lighter, and having lightweight baggage.

Baggage Savings Tip #5 – Carry-on your heavy items. If you know you’re going to have a good bit of weight, you can avoid paying charges by putting your heavy items in your carry-on bag.

Baggage Savings Tip #6 – Book your flight with the airline’s “rewards” credit card. If you find yourself flying the same airline frequently, it pays to have their rewards credit card. You’ll save on baggage fees, and rack up miles you can trade for free flying.

Baggage Savings Tip #7 – Know which items are always free. Many of the items you may be bringing with you for your children, like seats and strollers, are usually free.

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