If I Won The Lottery – 10 Actions

With all the talk about the recent Powerball jackpot, I was thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery in a state that has the lottery, like Florida.

I think you can benefit by the 10 Actions I would take. Whether you win the lottery, or just want to be on top of your money.

Here are the 10 actions I would take if I won the lottery:

Winning Action #1: Keep it hush hush… well as quiet as possible anyway. Once the word gets out everyone you ever met will be knocking on your door.

Winning Action #2: Choose the all cash option. I would rather have the money in my possession and determine the investment direction myself.

Winning Action #3: Hire the best financial advisor, estate planning and tax attorneys available, that have experience working with wealthy individuals.

Winning Action #4: Pay off the remaining balance on my mortgage.

Winning Action #5: Pay off my parents’ and inlaws’ debt.

Winning Action #6: Fully fund my kids college education.

Winning Action #7: Invest 90% of in a mix of Vanguard Index funds, commercial real estate and businesses.

Winning Action #8: Take my family on a 2 month trip to visit the other 49 states.

Winning Action #9: Donate to my church and favorite charities.

Winning Action #10: Keep working and live as close to a normal life as possible.

Now, you don’t have to win the lottery to leverage these suggestions in your financial life.

Just in case you do, you’ll be prepared.

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