Kahuku Man Receives $54,000 Water Bill. Guess Who?

Imagine getting a water bill for a property you recently started to develop, one without any house on it yet, expecting to see $0.00 but instead finding $54,176.21. Impossible, yet it happened. And to who… 101 Financial’s very own Alan Akina.

According to Alan’s bill, in a two month period, his water usage spiked from zero to 131,566 gallons a day in the past 76 days. That’s the equivalent of 10 million gallons of water, or 200,000 regular sized bathtubs full of water.

Was there a leak, a diversion of water, a conspiracy, or something else? Hawaii’s KHON2 news went out to investigate. And their report became the top news story for days, and the talk of the town.

Check out the video report on the KHON2 website here. >>

Alan Akina discusses his $54,000 water bill

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