Keeping Track of Rewards Points

I recently took a trip to the mainland, and because I booked my flight at the last minute the price was super high. So I turned to my trusty Delta “Sky-Miles” account for the trip.

Frequent flyer rewards points can be very valuable if used right. But most of use do not properly track our reward points.

According to there’s an estimated 10 trillion unused miles in circulation, worth over $165 billion.


And 20% or more of all frequent-flyer miles never get redeemed.

To help you to stay on top of your miles, so you can cash in on free trips… use the app AwardWallet.

This free app keeps track of your airline frequent flyer, hotel and credit card points. AwardWallet supports 628 different loyalty programs including all of the major airlines and credit card programs.

This app will notify you of any balance changes, and if you have points that will be expiring soon. So you’ll never miss out on taking advantage of your reward points again.

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