Make Custom Ringtones For Free

Do you like to have cool ringtones on your smartphone for different people who call you? How about having the latest hit song play whenever someone calls you? Then changing that song whenever you want, when a new one hits the charts?

Well here’s how to do it, and save a couple bucks with each new ringtone you make.

For an iPhone:
If you’re an iPhone and Mac user, you just need Garage Band on your computer. And the full mp3 of the song you want to make into a ringtone. After you’ve created the ringtone (as an “m4a” file, just put it in your Tones area. Then just sync your phone with iTunes, and go to Settings>Sounds to make your ringtone live.

If you have an iPhone but you’re a Windows user, no problem. Just install “Fried Cookie’s Ringtone Maker.” It will give you an m4a file too, that you can drop into your iTunes and then sync with your iPhone.

For an Android phone:
If you’re a Mac user, make your audio clip from a full mp3 using Garage Band, but don’t send it to iTunes. Instead select Share>Export Song To Disc, and choose mp3 for the format. Then plug in and mount your phone. Then drop your new ringtone into the folder “Ringtones.” Then eject your phone and unplug it. To set the ringtone, just go to Settings>Sound and select it.

If you’re a Windows user, create your ringtone the same way with Fried Cookie’s Ringtone Maker. Then connect your Android phone to your computer and mount it. Drop your new ringtone to the new folder, then eject and unplug your phone. Set your new ringtone by going to Settings>Sound.

What’s great is, with either phone option, you can take the sample of the song from any point in the song. So your ringtone is always your favorite part!

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