Making A Contribution To Society

Today I want to talk to you about making a contribution. Not to your 401k or other retirement account, but to society.

You see, part of being financially successful is giving back. In other words, making a contribution to society.

Here are several you can make a contribution to society, and give back…

– Donate money to your favorite charities.

Since the economy took a dive, the non-profits also took a hit. And any monetary contributions will be very useful, and greatly appreciated.

– Support your local schools and sports teams.

This is as easy as purchasing plate lunches, buying raffle tickets, supporting school “chocolate” or discount coupon book promotions, or getting your car washed by the kids.

And making a contribution doesn’t always mean giving money. Sometimes the best thing you can do is…

– Donate your time or expertise.

Try coaching a little league team, volunteering at your local PTA or helping out the boy scout or girl scout programs.

You see, as you’re working hard to build your quality of life, and your wealth… know that the wealthy all share two common practices… Saving and Giving.

When you give of yourself regularly, you are doing the right thing, helping people in need, and organizations who are making a difference in the world.

And by making contributions of your money or time, you are setting yourself up to attract all the abundance the world has to offer, in your direction. Just try it, and you’ll see.

Here’s to you making a contribution to society, and making a difference in the lives of others!

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