Mistakes on Your Medical Bills?

Do you ever wonder if you are being overcharged on your medical bills?

And what the insurance covers and what you are responsible for paying?

Well it’s no wonder, since medical bills can be confusing and hard to understand.

According to the American Medical Association, 7% of all medical bills contain errors. These errors can be costly, as medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy.

Here are 5 critical things to check before paying your bill:

#1. Typos.

Something as simple as a misspelled name, old insurance information or wrong policy number could kick out the claim so it does not get paid by the insurance company.

#2. The wrong code.

Doctors use codes to determine the type of service. A wrong code could charge you for something other than what you came in for.

#3. Did you receive all services?

Sometimes they may charge you for a test or medication the doctor canceled at the time of the appointment. Or you may of only taken 1 aspirin but got charged for several.

#4. Request an EOB.

Request an EOB or “explanation of benefits” from your insurance provider. You can use this to compare against your bill.

#5. Get a Copy of the Bill.

Never leave the doctor’s office without getting a copy of the bill. Review it at that time. And if anything looks wrong ask for clarification.

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