More Than Your Credit History Is Being Tracked

More Than Your Credit History Is Being TrackedDid you know you are being watched by more than just the credit bureaus? Well you are…we all are… by the banks.

You see…our banking history does not show up on our credit report. So banks need to protect themselves from things like bounced checks, bank fraud and unpaid overdrafts on checking accounts.

To solve this problem, a company called ChexSystems is reported to be tracking over 300 million customers. And supplies more than 80% of the nation’s banks with reports.

They have their own scoring system, which is similar to the credit scoring system. And produces scores ranging from 100 on the low end to 899 on the high end.

You can get a free copy of your ChexSystems file once a year by visiting and clicking on the “order consumer report” tab.

I suggest you request your free copy today. Check it for errors right away, and contact your bank to fix any errors you find. So you keep your banking report clean.

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