My Top 5 Tips For Haggling

Last week we talked about how to deal with people who want to haggle for a good deal at your garage sale. So today, let’s talk about my Top 5 How-To’s that you can use when haggling at any store with a salesperson, or even an antique or garage sale…

Haggling Tip #1: Know your stuff.

You don’t want to look like a fool when haggling. So I suggest you research the product you want online and in stores, and see what kind of specials or promotions are being offered. Remember, knowledge is power.

#2: Know your final price.

You must know the highest amount that you are willing to pay…before you step into the store. This way, you know how low to start your haggling, and when you reach your max.

#3: Ask these two important questions:

To get the haggling started, first ask “What’s your best price?” Then after you’ve tried to get the price you want, add this follow up question: “How much if I pay with cash?”

#4: Be prepared to walk away.

Haggling works best when you are coming from a position of strength. No matter what, you must be fine with walking away from a deal if it doesn’t fit your budget. When a salesperson feels that they may lose the sale, you are now in the strong position, and they are in a weak position that you can leverage to your advantage.

#5: Be kind and polite.

No one likes somebody who is pushy and rude. Try to make a personal connection with the salesperson you’re speaking with. You’ll increase your chances of getting a good deal by being friendly.

The old saying… “You can attract more flies with sugar than vinegar” will serve you well when haggling.

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