Netflix Entertainment Alternatives

In an effort to find low cost entertainment options for you, I found three alternatives to Netflix for you to explore.

#1: Hulu Plus

For $7.99 a month, you get unlimited instant streaming of current hit TV shows, classic TV series like Lost, and lots of movies. Access Hulu Plus on your smart phone, tablet, computer and even gaming consoles.

#2: Vudu

This is a relatively new service from Wal-mart. You can use it to stream new releases the day they come out on DVD. Look for specials like $2 for 2 days, and even free offers. Watch on all of your devices.

#3: Amazon “Instant Video” Service

With Amazon’s Instant Video service, you have over 100,000 titles to rent or buy. And if you are an Amazon Prime member (where you get free 2-Day shipping on anything you buy, for a yearly fee of only $79), you get their Instant Video service for free!

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