News About Your Credit and Dating

Are you single and want to get more dates? If so, listen closely to today’s Financial Fitness Tip.

There is a new trend that is sweeping America when it comes to dating, that has fostered the creation of new pick-up lines like…

“Hey baby…what’s your credit score?”

In the New Economy, daters want to know how a prospective date manages their financial life, and if they come with debt. Just in case the relationship becomes long-term.

I’ve heard this saying many times before…”Boy I wish I would’ve known she had all of this credit card debt.” And that goes for men, too.

There are even websites dedicated to connecting you with people who have great credit scores.

This is what has to say about dating and ranges of credit scores:

A score of 800-850 is “Marriage Potential. Ding Ding Ding!”

A score of 750-800 is “Take him or her home to Mom.”

A score of 700-750 is “A fixer-upper.”

A score of 650-700 is “Fun for a night out, but bring cash.”

A score of 600-650 is “Keep looking.”

And anything below 600 is “Run! Because they probably won’t even get a car loan. How embarrassing will that be at the PTA meetings?!”

All kidding aside, credit scores are just a number and should not be used to determine someone’s heart. But it is wise to know what you’re getting yourself into up front.

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