Not Breaking the Bank at Christmas

It’s that time of year again.

And the fact is, while you think you’re going to spend a lot on big ticket items, all the little things can really add up. Then sneak up on you when you take a look at your credit card bill come January.

So where can you save that will really make a difference once the holidays are gone, and you’re looking over your bills?

1) Gifts.

You don’t have to go all out, for the gifts you give to be well-received. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. And your friends and family think the best gift of all is you being with them.

2) Decorations.

I’m sure you’ve seen houses that are so decorated, it looks like Santa Claus lives there. Some places have so many lights going, I would estimate their electric bill goes up a good $200 in December. And that’s on top of the cost for all the new decorations most people stock up on, even though they have a garage or attic full already.

3) Holiday Food.

If you have a family of 5, with a couple from out of town, that doesn’t mean you have to buy enough food to feed a professional football team. And if you think you’ll just eat it all as leftovers later, much of the leftovers will get old and most probably thrown away. Which is a shame on many levels.

4) Fun and Entertainment.

We’re talking about all the things people do while they have a 7 to 10 day break from work. On top of traveling costs, which you can reduce if you try, there are all the places you go, things you do, movies you see and restaurants you visit. All that money can really add up, which you won’t realize until it’s too late, when you get your credit card bills in January.

5) Redeem your gift vouchers and gift cards from last year.

While you’re trying to save on Christmas spending, don’t forget to look around for the gift vouchers and gift cards you got last year, that you stashed somewhere, and forgot about. One quick pass to look through your drawers and file cabinets can bring you some serious cash to use.

6) Don’t party too much, and you’ll save big bucks.

Alcohol and all the fixings can be one of your biggest costs during the holidays. If you can make your focus more about having fun with your family, and less about drinking, you’ll save a pile of cash. Plus, come January 2nd, you’ll feel rested and refreshed, instead of feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck.

Follow these tips you’ll have a fun holiday season with your family. And you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

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