Overage Charges Getting You Down and Your Cell Bill Up?

There are two words that can bring a chill down our spine when we open our cell phone bill…OVERAGE CHARGES!

Are overage charges getting you down and your cell bill up? Today, with most of us having smartphones, when we access our email, apps or surf the web, we are using lots of data. And mobile data can be very expensive.

The thing is….we never know how much data we are using until we get our bill, and by then it’s too late.

Today I want to introduce you to a useful app called Onavo. Onavo is a powerful app that lets you stretch your data plan by up to 5 times, without changing the way you use your smartphone or tablet.

Onavo has data compression technology that allows you to do more with your data plan. Using it will save you money by avoiding overage charges, and even roaming fees!

This app also gives you cool reports that break down your data usage by individual apps. These reports show you how much data you are using on things like Facebook, Twitter, games or email. So you find out which apps are using up most of your data plan.

Best of all the Onavo app is free.

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