Protecting Seniors From Identity Theft

I’m sure you know identity theft is a huge problem for everyone, especially our senior citizens.

Once someone assumes your identity, they can open up credit cards, withdraw money from your checking accounts and make purchases under your name. Leaving you with a serious mess to clean up and quite possibly lost money.

You see, these criminals who can steal our identity are not just local, but from all over the world.

Now there are several ways for these criminals to assume your identity, from stealing your wallet, going through your trash, or by compromising your credit or bank account information. They may approach you in person, over the phone or online.

To protect seniors in your family or yourself, here are 5 important reminders:

1) Never throw away your ATM receipts, bank statements or credit cards before shredding them.

2) Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you make the call.

3) Be sure to check your bank and credit card statements each month for discrepancies.

4) Remember to keep a list of telephone numbers to call to report lost or stolen cards.

5) Review your credit report every 6 months, looking for new credit opened under your name.

If you find any signs of identity theft, call your bank or credit card company and file a police report right away.

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