Protection from Shady Contractors

When remodeling our home, we want it to come out nice so we turn to a contractor to get the job done.

But we all have heard horror stories of people who got taken advantage of.

So before you spend a dime, use these 5 tips to protect yourself from getting ripped off when hiring a contractor:

#1: Are they licensed.

Some may claim they have a license and don’t. Some will actually get a friend to let them use their license. A quick call to the state’s licensing division will let you know if they are legit.

#2: Ask for references.

Get phone numbers for at least 3 of their past customers that have had similar work done. Then give them a call and ask questions about their experience with that contractor.

#3: Do not pay for the work up front.

Give them just enough to get the job started and map out the remaining payments in a contract that is based on deliverables.

#4: Beware of the low bid.

Many times there are hidden fees or what is known as “change orders” that will bump up the total cost of the job significantly.

#5: Hold your final payment.

Do not make the final payment until you know the work is 100% complete and you had a few days to inspect their work.

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