Save Big with Meal Planning

How would like to save money on your grocery bill…

Save time by only having to shop once a week…

Not stress out when you hear “Mommy, what’s for dinner tonight?”…

And get healthier, all at the same time.

It’s all possible for you, when you practice Meal Planning.

Here are 3 steps to help you get started today:

1) Create a weekly calendar to fill out that can be posted on your fridge.

2) Take inventory of what’s in your fridge that needs to be eaten right away and use it in your plan.

3) Once a week, get the newspaper with all of the grocery ads and start your shopping there. Buy food items that are on sale, and create meals around the items you choose.

Then when you go shopping, stick to your plan and do not buy anything on emotion.

If you can stick to this, you will reduce the money and time you spend on grocery bills every single month. And put a nice chunk of cash back in your wallet by the end of each month.

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