Save Money By Getting Healthy

Saving money and getting healthy is the American dream. Today I will show you how you can get both at the same time.

Here’s what you need to know…

As we get older, medical costs can become one of our biggest expenses. We will have to pay for things like doctor visits, medication and hospital visits. And then there is the lost pay from missing work if you don’t have “sick time” available.

This is serious stuff. Serious enough that we need to commit ourselves to saving money on health costs, by getting healthy.

Here are a few tips for getting healthy, and saving money at the same time:

1) Exercise 3 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes.

If you are busy and can’t find time to workout, you can exercise as you go about your day. For example, instead of trying to find the closest parking spot to your office or grocery store, park the farthest away and walk. You can also take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.

2) Eat healthy foods, including lots of veggies.

You know that eating a lot of sugar is bad for you. And a lot of red meat, too. Over the years, you may have told yourself that you’re going to start eating healthy. But it never seemed to happen. Today’s reminder is your chance to get on track with your choice of food, and save yourself a bunch of cash you’d spend on medical bills down the road.

3) Stop buying soda for your family.

Did you know that by replacing drinking soda with water, you can drop five pounds or more in a year? It’s no secret that soda is full of sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup. Do you and your family a favor, and make the switch to low-sugar or no-sugar drinks today.

4) Get an extra hour of sleep every day.

By getting one extra hour of sleep each night, you can shed additional pounds. And lack of sleep can actually make you gain weight!

When you’re running on less sleep than you need, your body is automatically going to feel run down. And when you feel run down, what’s the first thing most people reach for? A sugary soda, or even a bag of potato chips!

As hard as it is for many people to start living a healthy life, there are so many benefits to doing so. As you get thinner and feel better as you get older, your wallet will thank you.

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