Save With “Scratch and Dent” Sales

While it may be fun and even exciting when you go to a “big box” store to get new appliances and TVs for your home, the price tag can really blow your budget.

Well there’s a way to get new appliances and TVs for your home, without breaking the bank.

That will still give you that “new stuff” feeling. And still give you many years of reliable service.

Search your local newspapers and even online, for notices about “scratch and dent” sales.

You may even find retailers who have scratch and dent items for sale on a regular basis.

Other good places to find quality, often brand new appliances that may have a mark or a dent here or there (that you won’t really notice anyway when it’s in your home) are “outlet stores” and even warehouse sales.

Some of the items you find may simply be last year’s models of the appliances you want. Which the retailer needs to sell to make room for the new year’s models.

Just make sure the appliances are functional, and be sure you still get a warranty. But if you’re okay with a scratch or a dent here or there, you could save from 20% to even as high as 50% off the regular retail price.

Just imagine how much you’d pay for a whole kitchen full of new appliances, and a new TV, too. Then think about how good you’d feel if you gave your kitchen and home a makeover, and saved 50% off retail.

You’d feel great. Because you were a smart shopper.

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