Saving on Thanksgiving Meals

It’s November, and before you know it Thanksgiving will be upon us. I wanted to get this important tip out to you ahead of time, before you go shopping for all the food and supplies you’ll need.

I’m sure you know that wasted food is lost money. And proper planning will not only reduce waste but save you money.

We also know Thanksgiving weekend is a time for great food, but also lots of waste.

And with that our hard-earned money goes out with the trash.

Today I will show you how to calculate the perfect portions for your Thanksgiving meal. To reduce waste, and save you some cash.

I found a great online tool to help you to determine the perfect portions for your meals. Just visit…

Then click on “Portion and Plan.”

This portion planner removes the guesswork by suggesting how much to cook depending on who’s coming for dinner. Along with ways to measure your portions.

All you need to do is click the food you plan to serve.

Next, select the amount of adults and kids you plan to feed.

Then the system tells you the amount of food you should purchase.

This website even offers a ton of free recipes to use.

And has a cool smartphone app for easy access.

Now for all of my good Polynesian friends, you may want to plan on doubling the portions.

Just kidding with you 🙂

Have a Happy and Money-Saving Thanksgiving.

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