Slow Down, Drive Right and Save

The time when most people think of speeding tickets is after they get one. But by then it’s too late. And the same goes for missing that stop sign or forgetting to buckle your seatbelt.

If you think about how much even one speeding ticket can cost you, imagine how multiple tickets will set you back.

And that’s just half of the story.

According to, you’re not just going to pay for the tickets you get. You can also count on a hefty increase in your insurance premiums, too.

For each “infraction” they get you for, you can expect another increase in your premiums. If you get three tickets at once, you’re in for a big surprise the next time you get your insurance bill.

For example, if they catch you not stopping at a stop sign, your premium can go up 15%.

If they catch you making an improper turn, or passing someone improperly, these infractions can raise your premium another 14% EACH.

Do you like to ride right up on the car in front of you? Well if you’re pulled over, you could see another 13% increase.

While not wearing your seatbelt can raise your premium by just 3%, if they think you were driving “recklessly”… you’re in for a whopping 22% increase.

If your child drives your car without a license or a learners permit, you can see another increase of 18%.

And if you forget to act responsibly, and drive after you’ve been drinking, your insurance will go up by 19%. And that’s just for your first offense. Try that again, and you’ll really be spending some cash… on legal fees!

So if you really want to save some cash, when you get behind the wheel, take a deep breath, and remember to slow down and drive right.

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