Smash Impulse Buys And Save

You go off to the shopping center, with the intent of picking up two or three small items you need for your family.

Somehow you end up walking by the TV department on your way to the shoe department, and see a big sign that says “Save $79 Today Only.”

Then before you know it, you drive back home and pull into your driveway, grab the box of shoes you just bought, along with laundry soap and a new mop. Then you unload the new 60″ TV!

Sound familiar? How many times has this happened to you? Did you really need a new 60″ TV, when your 46″ TV still works just fine?

This is a classic example of an “impulse” buy.

So how do you keep yourself from making impulse buys? Especially purchases that set you back $500 or more?

It’s easy. Just make a new rule for your household.

The rule is:

Never make an impulse buy. Instead, go home and think about the purchase you were about to make for one week.

If you’re like most people, having a week to think about your purchase makes that impulsive feeling go away. Then you can think more clearly, about how bad you really need that “impulse” item… in this case, the 60″ TV.

When you give yourself this time period to think about your purchase, you’ll always find a better place to put the money you would have spent. Like into your savings account, or at the very least, into your Emergency Fund.

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