Spring Cleaning For Your Budget

Now I know budgets are not the most exciting things to talk about. In fact, many people consider a budget like a financial diet, having to counting calories. But instead, with your budget, we’re counting dollars.

So let me simplify this for you with my 3 surefire tips to get your budget in top shape…

First, you will need to write down all of your sources of income.

Second, write down every expense you have on a monthly basis.

Third…write down all of your monthly debt payments.

Now this is where the TRUTH comes out…

You will want to find out if you have a positive or negative cash flow.

You will find this by subtracting your monthly expenses and debt payments from your income. Your goal should be to have a comfortable positive cash flow each month.

If you find yourself in the negative, go back and review your expenses, to find items that you can cut back on.

If you are already in the positive I congratulate you! And challenge you to increase your positive cash flow status even more.

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