Stock Up On These Meats and Save

Since you’re one of our smart readers, when it comes time to shop at the supermarket I know you’re doing your best to spot deals.

Well today I have a great place at the supermarket for you to check out. Which can save you a large chunk of your grocery bill every week.
I’m talking about the “Expiring Meats” bin.

Before you think I’m crazy with this one, hear me out.

Meats in the Expiring Meats bin have not expired yet.

Beef, pork, fish and poultry are absolutely safe to eat before the expiration date printed on the package.

And guess what? These meats are also safe if you freeze them by the expiration date, then cook them at a later time.

If you can make room in your freezer, it makes sense to stock up on these meats and save a pile of cash.

Buy what you can fit in your freezer (or even get a small floor freezer to really stock up and save.)

Then just plan ahead for each meal. Take what you want to cook tomorrow out of the freezer today, and put it into the refrigerator to thaw.

Tomorrow your meat will be ready to cook, And you’ll have great meat available anytime you want it.

Plus, if you’ve priced meat lately, you know you stand to save a lot of cash, each and every time you stock up at the expired meats bin.

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