Success Story of the Week – Barbara Jane Ward

“I am so thankful that my daughter, Melissa Fernandez, introduced me to the 99 Financial program.

Throughout my working years and my retirement in 1997, I struggled with my finances. It was feast or famine.

I have read about and tried several methods on keeping track of my money throughout the years, but I could not make any one method work for me.

But when 2013 rolled around, I was determined to be a better steward of all money that flowed into my life. I wanted to be of more help to my husband, a retiree like me, and also our grandkids and great grandkids.

With the 99 Financial program, I am able to look towards the future with hope, 3 months at a time, to attain these goals and others such as traveling.

Knowing that I can call on my instructor when I feel stuck or frustrated, has given me a lot of peace.

I hope and pray that many more of our local people will have the same opportunity that I have had.

The 99 Financial program showed me that I wasn’t too old to learn how to manage my money in a simple but very effective way.”

– Barbara Jane Ward


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