Success Story of the Week – Charlie and Cheryl

Given Such an Amazing Gift

“Many years ago we were approached by a friend who was involved with another system “similar” to 101 Financial. Luckily we were skeptical and never got involved. Unfortunately, today that friend lost his house, and that company no longer exists.

So when we were approached about 101 we did not want anything to do with it. But several years ago a very close friend of ours joined 101 and we could see how stress-free she became of her finances

Today her conventional mortgage is paid off.

We thought to ourselves WOW this must really work! So last year we decided to join the 101 family and we are so much happier.

We still live our life how we want to, but we’re just smarter with the way we spend our money. We have paid off approximately $26,000 of our debt and we had the best Christmas ever. Not for the gifts that we were able to buy, but because we were given such an amazing gift of learning how to manage our money and make it work for us.

On top of that, as an added bonus, our Christmas debt has already been paid off!

Thank you, Alan, for developing this system that really works and Ana for being a great friend and guiding us through this process.”

— Charlie and Cheryl, Maui

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