Success Story of the Week – John and Kahea

“God has been SOOOO good throughout our 99 and 101 Financial journey. We are truly grateful for an awesome 101 instructor like Kelly. Thank you for always walking us through the steps and being patient with us as we continue to forge forth towards total debt freedom.

The 101 Financial System is not just about money, but more than that. It is about bringing PEACE in the family when it comes to FINANCES!

My husband and I don’t argue anymore about finances… fact we are excited to track where we are, and also to see how much of an accelerated payment we can make on our next debt in line to be conquered!

We are so blessed to be a part of the 101 Financial Family! We thank God for the 101 System that has helped to bring us to this place of peace, and actually having fun while paying off debt!

We continue to work the 101 Financial System and believe in it 1,000%. We started on the 101 System in April 2014 and so far we have paid off over $35,900 in debt.

Thank you Jesus! We are also able to be obedient tithers due to our budgeting the 101 System way! We truly believe that the 101 Lifestyle is the way to go when dealing with finances!

THANK YOU KELLY AND THE 101 ‘OHANA! May the Lord continue to bless us all!

— ┬áJohn Henry and Kahea Lakalo

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