Success Story of the Week – The Locke’s

My cousin Celeste Mollena introduced 101 to me and my family. I was skeptical at first to join, but she was persistent, and had all of my family on the program.

I didn’t think this was for me, and it was not until I racked up a $60,000 plus wedding bill and started using 101 the way it should be used, that I became a believer.

Thanks to 101, my husband and I were able to pay off our wedding debt in roughly two years. We were also able to renovate one of our rental properties to a tune of $15,000 shortly thereafter.

Recently, we purchased our third home and paid off our car loan completely.

We undeniably have 101 Financial to thank. 101 has given us peace of mind and allowed us to live our lives to the fullest.

– Tanisha and Philip Locke

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