Success Story of the Week – The Mitchell’s

Peace of mind, weight off our shoulders, can’t stop smiling, big sigh of relief! I could go on and on. From living day by day, paycheck to paycheck we didn’t know a better way until we attended our first 101 workshop.

Just that morning we got the news that my husband, Bobby, was laid off. With high hopes & fingers crossed we opened our ears (and minds) to learn more about 101. Through client stories & Corey’s presentation, we were eager to learn.

By July 7th we managed to eliminate $7450.00 in debt. July 20th another $7850.00 in debt eliminated. What a blessing it has been. The journey to financial peace of mind has never been so close. At a time where Bobby & I would be stressing over bills… we are facing a reality of being debt free instead.

As we progressed through the 101 System, sharing became a big part of it too. In fact, our introduction to 101 happened around the dining table & look at us now.

Our instructors cared enough to share 101 with us that it was only right for us to share 101 with our family & friends too. We are now living the 101 life.

Bobby is still on unemployment & yet we are living with huge piece of mind, a big weight off our shoulders, can’t stop smiling, big sigh of relief! That will go on and on and on.

– Lesley & Bobby Mitchell

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