Success Story of the Week – The Serrano’s

“Before my husband and I got into the program, we knew that we wanted to pay off our mortgage ASAP; we were paying $300 more towards our principal payment.

With 15 years in banking, I should know all this right?

Well, when we did our Free Financial Analysis with 101 Financial, it showed us that we can pay off our 20-year mortgage in 4 years with our current income!

What…what…what!!! We were ecstatic!!!

After getting on board with 101 Financial, we paid off our mortgage in 4 months!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

We were so excited we wanted to share this program with our friends and families. Later my husband and I got to do that when were invited to be Instructors for 101.

We had never thought we could be a part of a company that has so much heart for the community. We are educating the community about the basics of Financial Freedom and living a life of Financial Peace of Mind.”

– Teo & Ofelia Serrano

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