Success Story of the Week – The Simpson’s

Thank You!

“Just sitting here looking at our financial projections and wanted to say a huge thank you!

This time last year we were anxiously waiting for all of our necessary documents so that we can hurry and file our taxes. Carefully planning how we were going to immediately spend it.

We had a growing list of items, prioritized of course, that needed to be paid first.

While looking at the list, I remember looking at my husband and saying, we need to call Kelly and Paul and figure out how we can get onto the 101 System (btw, they are awesome!).

In March we were approved for a line of credit (yay!). In just one short year we were able to eliminate our credit card and consumer debt, and now we are chopping away at the mortgage. With hopes to have that eliminated by the end of the year.

What a positive shift in perception on financial management that has brought our home true financial peace of mind!

101 Financial is a blessing in our lives!

We cannot thank you enough!”

Mahalo nui!

– Hollie & Brandon Simpson

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