Suffering from Daily Deal Fatigue?

Are you suffering from daily deal fatigue? Are you tired of dealing with coupons, rebates and discount codes?

If so, let me introduce you to a website that will help you out…

It’s called

This site makes getting discounts easy, by bringing you deals once a week, that are relevant to your shopping habits.

Here is how it works: uses what they call “offer matching” technology, that analyzes your purchase history of your credit and debit cards. Then it selects the best offers for you, and sends you one offer per week.

As an example, if Offermatic sees you are spending $50 a month at Starbucks, it might send you an offer at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for $5 off.

The cool part is, savings are paid directly to your card. No coupons to clip, rebate forms to fill out and codes to deal with. Just load the offer and shop as normal.

The sign up process is easy, and it’s 100% Free.

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