Taking Inventory of Your Home Possessions

Taking Inventory of Your Home PossessionsDisaster can strike your home at anytime. Whether it’s flooding from a massive rain storm, an electrical fire, damage from a hurricane or tsunami, or the emotional disaster of having your home burglarized.

These kinds of disasters can inflict a tremendous amount of financial damage as well. Yet research shows that more than half of consumers do not have an inventory of their possessions. This makes it difficult to file a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Creating a simple home inventory can save you time, money and big headaches, when it comes to collecting on insurance claims.

There is a nifty smart phone app called MyHome Scr.App.book available at The Apple Store and on Google Play… that will help you easily inventory your home possessions.

This app lets you photograph and capture descriptions and serial numbers of your possessions, then organizes the information room by room or by category. It will even create a backup file you can email to yourself.

Whether you use this app or a simple spreadsheet…now is the time to have your “stuff” properly insured and inventoried, before it’s too late.

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