Teach Your Kids Habits of the Rich

Have you ever wondered what the rich do that helps them build to wealth?

Well, the best way to become good at something is to mimic those that are successful at that particular skill.

For example if you want to be a good 3-point shooter in basketball, you should study Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

And it is the same for building wealth.

A recent study by bestselling author Tom Corley, who wrote the book “Rich Kids” gives us 7 habits of the rich you can teach your kids…

Rich Habit #1) 72% of the rich know their credit score vs. only 5% of the poor.

Rich Habit #2) 6% of the rich play the lottery vs. 77% of the poor.

Rich Habit #3) 80% of the wealthy focus on at least 1 goal vs. 12% of the poor.

Rich Habit #4) 63% of the wealthy spend less than 1 hour per day on recreational internet use vs. 26% of the poor.

Rich Habit #5) 83% of the wealthy attend back to school night for their kids vs. 13% of the poor.

Rich Habit #6) 63% of the wealthy listen to audio books during their commute vs. 5% of the poor.

Rich Habit #7) 79% of the wealthy believe they are responsible for their financial condition vs. 18% of the poor.

If you can just get your kids to think and act like the rich in all of these situations, you’ll have kids who grow up to be more successful and prosperous than most.

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