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Alan Akina - 101 Financial

Alan Akina believes in Financial Peace of Mind for Everyone

Well it’s finally here! 

The long awaited 101 Financial Blog.  We have had plans to launch our blog for quite some time now, but as you know life can get pretty busy.  We are super excited to share our message and unique perspective on the world of personal finance.

We have so much to say, teach and share with you and hope that you can join in the conversation too.  We want everyone to become financially educated so that you can make better financial decisions that will take you from “survival-mode” to thriving!

You can expect to get useful financial tips, helpful suggestions, inspirational success stories and updates on the latest financial news that will help you live better, get smarter and to get on with the better things in life.

If you believe in our mission:  Financial Peace of Mind for Everyone, then please help us get the word out about this blog and 101 Financial.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Like our fan page on Facebook; heck, just click the Like to the right.           ——–>
  • Share our fan page on your wall along with a comment about how you feel about 101.
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  • Share your story with others
  • Celebrate others’ successes by cheering them on with a fun comment on the fan page and tagging them or here on the blog.
  • Interact with us on our blog and Facebook; tell us what you are doing right and what you could do better.
  • Help us to build the spirit of community we have at our workshops and universities…online.  I know it’s not the same, but it’s the best way for all of us to stay connected and positive in our busy lives.

If there is anything that you would like to see or if you have any cool suggestions please let us know.

Big Mahalo,
Alan Akina

Question for the comments below:  What other things do you think we should be doing to get the word out?

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