The Kahanu’s Financial Journey

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“We are Veronica and Alii Kahanu. Before enrolling in 101 Financial I, Veronica, primarily handled the whole budget which included oversight of what our monthly income was and what bills had to be paid. But it was not organized and therefore we started to experience times when our account started to go negative because we did not have a financial plan to follow and help us stay within our budget.
This started to cause stress because with a negative bank account there was also the overdraft fees being added on to the debt, and not knowing if we would be able to feed our family of eight was very frustrating. So I finally decided to ask Eric Oshiro my sponsor how to start on 101 Financial stuff that I heard him talking about. Eric sent me to the website and told me to submit my budget for the financial analysis and so I did. Then we set up our first meeting for 99 Financial with Kamaile Heide.
At first it was an eye opening experience to actually go line by line on exactly what and when money comes in and goes out. The 3 months of projections and setting a weekly budget really helped us see how we needed to be more organized with our finances.
It was a relief for me to have that first meeting with my husband at my side. To have Alii there being involved with the budget made a big difference because prior to that he did not really know about our budget. By having knowledge of the budget and the weekly budget my husband is now able to understand how daily spending affects our family budget.
There was homework that was assigned to help us find ways to reduce our bills and also bring in more money.
We are still in the 99 Financial Program and working diligently to graduate on to 100 Financial Program, but of course it will take time and discipline. With the 99 Financial Program, I feel less stressed because I now have an organized plan for my budget. I am able to have better control over how we handle our money. And with the reading material provided from enrolling in the 99 Financial Program, we are better equipped to find ways to save money.
It is such a relief to know exactly what and when money is coming in and going out and being able to strategically plan out a weekly budget so our account does not go negative and the bills can be paid on time.
Also, thanks to our homework, I was able to talk to a mortgage lender and found out I could refinance and bring down my rate from 4.25% to 3.25% saving us $400 dollars a month.

I believe 101 Financial is a great program to be in and that everyone needs to learn these financial strategies. I look forward to reaching the 101 Financial System from 99 Financial so I can one day help others.”

– Veronica and Alii Kahanu

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