The Top 7 Financial Worries

I’m sure you can imagine all the things that get people worried about their personal finances. And I bet you have your own strong concerns about finances, just living the average American life.

Well today I’m sharing the Top 7 financial worries shared by most Americans, especially as we all get older. Along with steps you can take today to start living life without stress about your finances.

Here are the Top 7 financial worries most people have as they get older, in order of how many people worry about them frequently:

Top Financial Worry #1 – Not Enough Cash For Retirement

Part of the American Dream is having a good job, raising a family, and retiring so you can enjoy your “golden years” without working or dealing with financial problems. Yet retirement is the #1 thing people do worry about, especially as they get older, and their debt gets larger and income generally gets smaller.

Top Financial Worry #2 – Unexpected Serious Medical Costs

We hear all the time about people coming down with serious health issues. Then there’s also large and small “accidents” that can happen to anyone. Dealing with the potentially mountain-sized costs of an unexpected serious health problem sounds like the end of the world to most people.

Top Financial Worry #3 – Maintaining The Standard of Living You Enjoy

Part of living the “American Dream” means working and providing the means for you and your family to live a happy life. Full of doing what you want, going where you want to go, eating what you want to eat and making your family happy by giving them what they want. With everything it takes to create a great life like this, most people start to worry if they can maintain the life they enjoy, as they get older.

Top Financial Worry #4 – Not Enough Cash To Pay Off Debt

Can you relate to this? This one factor of worrying about being able to pay off debt as you get older is responsible for many people living lives of stress and worry every day. And what’s worse, somehow most people end up creating more debt, instead of finding a way to make it go away.

Top Financial Worry #5 – The Cost of Everyday Healthcare

Whether you have a family or you’re single, everyone’s eyes are on the ever increasing costs of just having basic health insurance. And if you’re self-employed, these costs can be almost impossible to handle.

Top Financial Worry #6 – Not Enough Cash To Pay Monthly Bills

Along with covering the cost of healthcare, and growing credit card balances, everyone still has everyday living expenses to worry about. We’re talking mortgage payments, credit card payments, insurance and taxes if you own a home, rent and renter’s insurance if you rent. Throw in a car payment or two, the utilities for your home, and the rising cost of things like groceries, clothes and school supplies, it’s no wonder people worry about paying the bills.

Top Financial Worry #7 – Not Enough Cash To Pay For Children’s College

If you have a family, and you have children or plan to, on top of all the worries we’ve covered, adding the stress and hopelessness of having to pay the astronomical costs of sending a child to college (or the feeling when you can’t afford it) can be just too much to handle.

So What Can You Do?

Well as bleak and stressful as this eye-opening post may make you feel, there is a way out of all the stress and worry. That can lead you to living the good life, even as you get older. Never having to worry about your finances again.

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(Source: Gallop Polls)

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