Too Early To Plan For College?

I know we are only a month into high school for most of our kids, but it’s never too early to plan for college.

Especially with the rising cost of tuition, and the average undergrad student leaving with over $28,000 in combined credit card and student loan debt.

As in most cases, planning ahead of time could save you a boatload of money.

To help make things easy for you and your high school child, I found a very useful website called

Zinch does 2 things.

After filling out a profile, the site matches students to over 1 billions dollars of available scholarships and merit awards.

Zinch also allows students to learn about, get recruited by and interact with over 850 colleges and university all over the world.

They make a potentially stressful task fun and easy. And the sooner you get started making plans with your college student, the better you will feel.

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