Top 5 Consumer Complaints of 2014

Sure, we all have things we complain about in life. While some are little more than letting off steam, there are a number of “worst” complaints that are seriously bad.

Today I have the worst consumer complaints reported so far in 2014, as reported by CNN Money. And the first one I have for you will make you really mad.

Take note of these, and do what you can to protect your family and loved ones.

Here are the Top 5 Worst Consumer Complaints for 2014:

#1) Scams targeting the elderly.

These awful scams target those in our community who are in the twilight of their lives, and may not be quite as sharp in the mind as they used to be. Many older people still approach life like it was in “the good ole days.” When you didn’t have to be wary of visits or phone calls from strangers, appearing to want to help you.

#2) Construction and home improvement scams.

There are people who pose as construction contractors, who will visit neighborhoods. They come offering a “free home inspection” or some other appealing offer.

Then after they take a look inside your home, go up on your roof, and even look under your floors, they tell you that you need all sorts of home repairs you really don’t need. And if you have them do the repairs, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

#3) Businesses with obligations closing their doors.

You may think that taking advantage of an offer to “pre-pay” for long-term service from a trusted provider is a good idea. After all, you stand to save a lot of money for the same service.

Yet a disturbing trend shows that many companies who owe customers service that they have already paid for in advance, just close their doors one day, never to be heard from again.

#4) Fake phone and email lottery scams.

You’ve probably heard about the famous “Nigerian” emails that have been going around the internet since it started up. Well many have come up with their own winnings scams, and they are collecting a boatload of money from all the people who respond.

Basically, one day you find out some long lost relative in England died and left you a large sum of money. To get access to this money held by the courts, a company will offer to do the work for you, for a fee. Of course after you pay the fee, you find out that there really wasn’t any money in the first place.

#5) Disputes between landlords and tenants.

If you’ve ever rented a house or apartment, and had to fight just to get your home fixed, you know it can be awful.

Landlords will exercise control over everything on a property, even if your rights are being violated. Some families who were living in health-threatening conditions could not get relief until they contacted their local Attorney General’s office for help.

And Unofficial #6) Politicians pretending to do their jobs.

While researching these complaints, it was amazing how many people left comments like… “Hey, what about the politicians who get elected, then don’t do what they promised?” And there were many others.

While you can’t really do anything about most politicians who refuse to do any real work, you can take steps to counter the Top 5 Complaints. Which usually involves getting a government or law enforcement agency involved.

Know that you know about these complaints, you can do your best to avoid getting into these situations to begin with.

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