Two Ways To Invest in Real Estate

Do you want to be a real estate investor?

You hear those stories all the time of people buying a house and selling it for a ton of money. Or about those who bought land many years ago and now it’s worth millions. No doubt it’s a great way to build wealth.

When you look at it, there are so many different ways to invest. From flipping houses, to buying at the auction.

Then there are foreclosures, short sales, tax lien sales, raw land, apartment buildings, commercial and residential…phew!

It can be overwhelming for a new investor to figure out where to start. So today I’m helping you simplify real estate investing into two easy to understand options.

Cash Flow Investing and Cash Now Investing.

Cash Flow Investing is buying property that will pay you each month. Like rental homes, duplexes, apartments or commercial buildings. With this type of real estate investing, you evaluate the deal for a strong positive cash flow.

Cash Now Investing is buying and selling for a profit. Where you will want to buy low and sell at a higher price… or buy land, build and sell for a profit.

Both techniques are a great way to diversify your income and build wealth. But before jumping into an investment, you will want to know all of your numbers and be very thorough.

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