Use Your Shopping and Travel Perks

If you’re being smart with your spending, a big part of that is using a credit card that gives you perks each time you buy.

And these perks can really add up. Whether they are free flying miles, discounts on products or services, or one of my favorites, cash back… it pays to earn rewards for shopping and traveling.

One thing I want to let you know about today, since it’s the end of November already… is that many rewards cards require that you redeem your perks before the end of the year.

In many cases, if you don’t use your perks by then, you lose them, and have to start over with the new year.

So if you’re thinking of taking a family trip to Disney World or Legoland for the holidays, use your miles and book your trip now.

If you have cash back coming your way, use it to save on your holiday shopping now.

And remember, if you have a lot of bonus miles stacking up and you can’t take the time off to travel now, most rewards programs let you exchange your bonus travel miles for products, discounts and cold hard cash.

So don’t let all those perks you worked so hard to acquire slip through your fingers when the new year strikes.

Get your rewards cards and credit cards details out now, and find out how many rewards you have coming. Then get out there and redeem them before it’s too late.

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