Useful Financial Calculators

Useful Financial CalculatorsHow far can you get by without using a calculator?

Well if you’re like me, you know the importance of using a calculator, from helping you with simple math, to figuring out your tip at restaurants.

Knowing your numbers is very, very important when it comes to your money. And calculators can play a big part in your financial decision making.

I personally like to use

This website gives you free access to just about every financial calculator you will ever need.

Some of the most important calculators you may find useful are:

– The Mortgage and Amortization calculators, which show you how much house you can afford.

– The “Should I Refinance?” calculator.

You can even find calculators that will estimate your FICO credit score and tell you the true cost of making minimum payments to your credit cards.

If you are investing, you can use the “How Much Will I Need to Retire?” calculator.

And my personal favorite is the “How Long Until I Am a Millionaire?” calculator.

Whatever calculator you use, knowing your numbers will help you stay ahead of the financial game, and achieve your goals sooner.

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