Using a Debit Card Online

If you are like most Americans, you are probably shopping online more than ever before. But with all of the fraud and scammers in the world today, being savvy when it comes to making purchases online is a must.

First thing I suggest is to never use a debit card to buy things over the internet. Debit cards carry less protection, and you have fewer rights when it comes to unauthorized purchases and potential liability.

Here are 3 suggestions for making online purchases:

#1: Use a pre-paid Visa card.

You can get a pre paid card at most major retail outlets and grocery stores. There is no credit check needed and approval is instant. All you need is the cash to load on the card.

#2: Use PayPal.

This third-party source gives you an additional layer of protection. You can even link your PayPal account directly to your bank account or credit card.

#3: Use your credit card.

This may sound a little scary, but the reality is that with the Fair Credit Billing Act in place, the most you would be liable for any unauthorized charges using your credit card is a maximum of $50. In most cases though, the credit card company will even waive that charge.

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