Who Is The Richest Person In Hawaii?

Do you know who the richest person in Hawaii is?

In a recent report released by Wealth-X, they revealed a list of the wealthiest people in each state in the US.

In Hawaii that person is Jay Shidler, with a net worth of $700 million.

The richest person in Washington state is also the wealthiest in the country, none other than Bill Gates with a net worth of $81.5 Billion.

Second on the list is Warren Buffet of Nebraska with $66.9 Billion in net worth.

Here is what we learned from this list:

Thirty five of the fifty list-makers are self-made entrepreneurs. The others inherited their wealth and some were able to build upon it.

Six of the fifty were women. Forty one states have Billionaires and nine do not. The nine states include Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, Utah and Hawaii.

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