Your Financial Independence Day

Since 4th of July weekend is almost here, I was thinking about our country’s independence, and your financial independence…

Do you have a Financial Independence Day goal in mind?

Here is what I mean.

Do you have a target date for being debt free?

And do you have a target date for retirement?

These are two of the biggest financial questions most of us have to answer.

The sad thing is… most people leave it all up to chance and never plan for it.

So here are  a couple of suggestions to help you to gain Financial Independence:

First, go to and find the “retirement calculator.” Then enter your current numbers and find your target date for retirement, and the amount you must put away each month to get there.

Next, search for the “get out of debt calculator” and do the same as you did with the retirement calculator.

Now that you have the results for your two goals…

Get a sheet of paper and put the target dates on it and hang it in your bathroom or kitchen or wherever you will see it everyday.

And remember this, seeing is believing.

Looking at your target goals for reaching your Financial Independence Day will help you get closer every month.


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