Your Holiday Returns and Rebates

Did you know that more than 50% of mail-in rebates never get claimed? This equates to hundreds of millions of dollars that gets left on the table. The retail industry calls this “breakage” which significantly increased profits.

So now that Christmas is over and the dust has settled, this is a perfect time to get our rebates mailed in, and to take back the gifts we have no need for.

Remember that procrastination is the number one cause of unclaimed rebates, and our closets getting filled with unused gifts. Time is of the essence here.

To avoid losing out on your money, I suggest you do these 3 simple things:

#1: Schedule a time in your planner to do it this week. You have to make it an appointment for it to get done.

2#: Set a reminder in your phone or email calendar to text message or email you a reminder about the appointment.

3#: Remember to fill out each rebate entirely, make copies, and send it out in the mail the very same day.

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