Your Online Financial Dictionary

Do you know what an Amortization Schedule is? Do you know what Predatory Lending is? How about the Time Value of Money?

Well if you’re not up on all your financial terms, that’s okay. Most people have never received an education in finance and money.

That’s why today, I’m letting you know about one of my newest discoveries, the Financial Dictionary at

From A to Z, you’ll get meanings of over 300 financial terms. All organized into six common areas… General Finance, Banking, Debt, Investing, Loans and Mortgages.

You can even take their different Financial Quizzes, to see just how much you do know about finance and money.

By visiting this online dictionary regularly, you’ll know to avoid Predatory Lenders, if you’ll ever need a Bridge Loan, and why you wouldn’t want a Balloon Payment.

Plus, you’ll learn the difference between options, futures and index funds, and the difference between investments and your estate.

It pays to get the financial education you need.

Which is why I offer my readers a free training on personal finances called “Experiencing Financial Peace of Mind”… which you can register to attend at no cost here.

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